administering the backrub. 1-11. oral hygiene. 1-12. routine mouth care. 1-13.

Patient hygiene ppt

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Klien yang tidak teratur oral hygiene akan terjadi karries gigi,halitosis, keilosis, peradangan pada gusi 1. HYGIENE AND CARE OF THE PATIENT 1-1. OVERVIEW a. Administering Hygiene. Hygiene includes care of the skin, along with the hair, hands, feet, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, back, and perineum. This includes the bath, components of the bath, bed making, and assisting the patient in the use of the bed pan, urinal, and bedside commode. b.

ORAL HYGIENE Providing oral hygiene or helping the patient perform oral hygiene, is an important part of your responsibilities. People who are ill often need greater attention to oral hygiene than they normally might. When hands are visibly dirty or contaminated with proteinaceous material or are visibly soiled with blood or other body fluids, wash hands with either a nonantimicrobial soap and water or an antimicrobial soap and water Patient Hygiene and Care. PN 103.

Patient hygiene ppt

Personal hygiene is the first step to good grooming and good health. Jan 16, 2021 Personal Care. We offer an exhaustive list of personal grooming products like hair styling products, men female personal hygiene ppt. It also allows participants to use their tax-advantaged accounts to pay for feminine hygiene products. Now you can easily purchase more OTC products using  May 12, 2017 Download professional template for PowerPoint or Google slides in just a few minutes. We have the best collection of professional templates,  24 Ago 2017 TIPOS DE HIGIENE Higiene bucal Tratamiento de pediculosis Lavado de cabeza Baño en cama Colocar y retirar chata y orinal Higiene  Ziel der persönlichen Hygiene Vermeidung der Übertragung körpereigener ( residenter) und körperfremder (transienter) Flora.

Patient hygiene ppt

1-13. care of dentures FDA-compliant alcohol-based hand sanitizers by be used for all other hand hygiene indications, such as before having contact with norovirus patients. Consider ethanol-based hand sanitizers, with 60-90% alcohol content, as the preferred active agent compared to other alcohol or non-alochol based hand sanitizer products during outbreaks. 10. Identify two responsibilities of the CNA when helping the patient with elimination.
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Pages. Annotations. If using PowerPoint 2010 click the Slide Show tab, then click From Beginning button after preparing patient for transfer out of room and perform hand hygiene.

Raise your hands if you think your teeth are important to  Aug 20, 2020 Check out below personal hygiene for kids ppt. Different areas of self-care include, bathing, brushing, grooming, and toilet-related habits. Surgical mask for patient, use respiratory hygiene.
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Good personal hygiene is essential. Healthcare workers typically work in close contact with others. Body odor must be controlled. Copyright, SC AHEC, 2008. If using PowerPoint 2010 click the Slide Show tab, then click From Beginning button after preparing patient for transfer out of room and perform hand hygiene. Download Personal hygiene PowerPoint Template (ppt) and PowerPoint Background for Personal hygiene presentation.

While providing this care, nursing professionals must preserve patient independence, ensure patient privacy, show respect, promote the expression of needs, involve patients in their own care, and Basic brushing, flossing and proper care techniques to help your time in braces go as efficient and easy as possible.

Annotations. Poor Cleaning and Sanitizing: Letting food come into contact with contaminated surfaces. How People Make Food Unsafe. Page 2. X. Good Personal Hygiene. Good personal hygiene is essential.